Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Husbands and Wives: Point 1: Guys Are Primarily Task and Goal Oriented (article)

Guys like sports. That’s because there’s a goal involved: make baskets, get on base, score a touchdown. Most guys don’t like figure skating. “What’s the point?” a guy asks. “You spin around to music."

These series of points (8 in total) are a very good guide to understanding guys. They are not always dead on, and are from the perspective of a Christian wife and a non-Christian husband, but the points are the same, and the advice is almost completely correct. If you interact with a guy and you are a girl then you should read this... if you are a guy and want to know what you do in the eyes of a girl, read this.

It doesn't take too long to read (15 minutes) and even shorter if you skip the Christian/non-Christian parts (like i did).


Braveharte said...

It all makes so much sense now... I'M A MAN! :) Most of those describe me pretty well.

Ookami Snow said...

I better not see you in a boys bathroom now... :)