Tuesday, August 23, 2005

8AM?!? They make time in AM as well? Crazy.

Ok, now it feels like the school year has started. I'm up before 8 :P and I have to teach today. I think that I am gonna drop my early class though since I don't need to take it, but I'll go check it out today to see what it is like anyways.
Welp I've gotta get going so that I have enough time to go figure out when the class is (probably somewhere in Bluemont).
Have a good Tuesday.

Hey, here is a question. what does AM stand for?


The Math Ninja said...

AM = Ante Meridian
PM = Post Meridian

Aaron Brown said...

I always thought it was:

AM = After Midnight
PM = Pre Midnight


nettymus said...

I knew that one! Too bad I haven't looked in a while!