Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Teachers unions call for Wal-Mart boycott

startribune.com (article)

Both the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and the St. Paul Federation of Teachers, which together represent about 9,500 teachers and other school employees in the Twin Cities, say the retailer pays substandard wages and has a high percentage of workers without health care insurance.
The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers may go a step further. The 5,000-member group is considering a resolution not to reimburse its members for any school supplies bought at Wal-Mart.
"This is the beginning of a much more in-depth education program, in which we tell our members why and what Wal-Mart does -- not just to small towns, but to workers," said Louise Sundin, president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers.

1) This is in the Twin Cities where Target seems to be almost a religion, so them not liking Wal-Mart is no surprise.

2) And this is another example of a group of people trying to limit its member’s rights, because the group is trying to protect the world. (Unfortunately there is not emoticon for rolling eyes...)

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