Monday, August 22, 2005

Hockey Schedule!

Our inline hockey league looks like they are getting their stuff together even more this year because they have released the weekend for hockey tournaments already. (!!!, i know.)

The weekends are:
Nov 5-6
Nov 12-13
Jan 21-22
Feb 4-5
Feb 11-12
March 4-5 (Regionals)

One great thing about our schedule this year is that we will get to go to *all* the K-State home football games. :D
One bad thing is that one of the weekends will probably be on Super Bowl weekend again (what are they thinking?).
Anywho, it's good that we already got the schedule.


tj said...

Any in Denver at the Bladium this year?

Ookami Snow said...

We don't know yet, last year the Rocky Mountain Region invited us out there kinda at the last minute, and even though they said they would like to have us back, we probably wont know until a week or two before hand (should be in later October).

Also, tj = Tara?

Anonymous said...

yes. sorry. Wasn't thinking and sign most things tj anymore.

Ookami Snow said...

:) that’s ok.

Thanks for the post card!

Still no word yet if we are going up for the Denver Tourney (no word from them, the team has already decided that if they have it we will go).