Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Classes: Sitting and Standing

School went pretty good today, besides missing the first class (it's not like i even overslept, i just didn't leave home at the right time, oh well). The class that I am taking this semester is Nonparametrics, which is doing statistics with basically no parameters (mainly rank based stuff and well as some boot-strapping). It went pretty good, and since Dr.Higgins is teaching it I think I will learn a good amount. The other news of the day was that today was the first day for the class that I teach. It went relatively smoothly. The classroom is packed (had about 50some people in the room), hopefully a couple of people will drop and that will make enough room for everyone to have a chair.
Well I'm gonna go eat stuff because the union doesn't have anything good in it (although Panda Express opened up there) so I haven’t ate lunch yet.
And I'm hungry.

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Braveharte said...

Mmm... nonparametric stats... mmm... bootstrapping... okay I'm such a nerd I realize it, but I like nonparametric stats. :)