Monday, August 01, 2005

Apologies accepted

In response to my spreadshirt post:

Hello, here are the apologies from spreadshirt. Bart is an intern at spreadshirt EU, his real name is Bartosz. I asked him to comment some articles on blogs about other T-shirt sites.
I think generally it's o.k. to do this when one does it in an , uhm, a little more honest way that makes it clear that the commentator is an company representative and not talking bad about the competition.
So, even a phrase like 'use spread instead of XYZ' is not acceptable. Spreadshirt ist just one other service, we have some advantages and also some disadvnateges compared to other players in this market.
So you are right in being upset. Pls. take our honest apologies for the poor post.
CEO spreadshirt EU

Now there is no way to confirm that Lukasz did indeed post this, but even if it was just another intern posting, I am glad to see that they did apologize.

And so I will retract my "spreadshirt sucks" comment, and I may even give them a try. One thing that they do that is a plus is print on dark colored T-shirts, which may be useful to remember for the future. (You can only do so much with a white t-shirt.)

Anyways, I am gonna sleep now, so that I can get up at the ungodly hour of 9am tomorrow. :)

p.s. Lukasz blog is here.

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hockeyfrog said...

Aww pobrecito.

I've been at work for an hour by that point. And Aaron's been there for two!