Thursday, August 18, 2005

NHL finds new broadcast home (article)

Think the lockout didn't hurt the NHL?

Comcast, which owns four regional sports networks as well as a majority share in the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers, will put the games on one of its channels, OLN. Under the agreement, the network will televise at least 58 regular-season games that will air on Monday and Tuesday nights throughout the season. The network will also carry the league's All-Star Game and the conference finals, as well as the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals, with NBC airing the remainder of the championship matchup.

What’s OLN you say? It's the Outdoor Life Network (A hunting/Fishing Channel), and as far as I can tell I don't get that channel. Spectacular.

So is Major League Soccer the number four sport now? (It at least has an ABC contract.)


hockeyfrog said...

I'm tempted to switch to DirecTV... they have Altitude.

*sigh* but that also takes money... bah!

newgen said...

for some reason, I get that channel here in lawrence. they had the tour de france on that channel.