Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pocket-sized computer 'soul' developed

New Scientist Breaking News (article)

Personal computers could soon fit entirely on a key ring. Researchers at IBM in New York, US, have developed a way to carry a powerful, personalised virtual computer from one PC to the next, without losing the user’s work.
The trick is to store the virtual computer on a USB key, or any portable device with substantial storage space, like an MP3 player.
The virtual computer’s "soul" - as the researchers dub it - can then be uploaded to a new PC simply by plugging the portable device in. This host machine needs no special software or even a network connection to take on an entirely new personality.



hockeyfrog said...

They've already started showing up at Walmart.. I saw these posted a few weeks ago:

Ookami Snow said...

These aren’t just mp3 players, they are a copy of your computer that you can take with you and use on other computers (keep same settings, interface, etc...)

Read the full article for the details, sound impossible, but very cool if it works.