Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hockey and whatnot

Hockey practice went pretty good last night. Most of the people from last year returned, with the most notable exception being Trav. But we picked up a fair amount of new people as well, including the Wood brothers (they are very good).
Practice wasn't too hard, and I’m not all that sore this morning, although I did sleep past the alarm. (When I woke up this morning I remembered the feeling of sleeping through the alarm, although I didn't remember hearing the alarm...strange.)
Today is a big pile of classes, help sessions, and work, so not that fun of a day is foreseen. But the one bright spot is trivia, possibly at Old Chicago.
Ah, off to class.


The Math Ninja said...

Maybe if I would have set both alarm clocks, you wouldn't have slept through it.

hockeyfrog said...

Its like I was trying to explain to Aaron... we'll have much better lucky getting in at BW3s because EVERYONE and their dog are going to be trying to get into OC for the next few weeks or so. I'd recommend letting the crowds die down there a bit, let the staff figure out what they're doing and the cooks know what they're doing and let the place stablize a bit before attempting to go there. I'd rather give them a chance to figure stuff out THEN write them off like I have So Long, rather than have to write them off right away. *shrugs*

Ookami Snow said...

I am just so sick of Bw3 food though right now, I would rather stay home than go there.

What don't you like So Long?

hockeyfrog said...

The waitstaff there always seems to have an attitude, but going there on Sunday took the cake. Granted, yeah, I showed up what,half an hour after you did, and you had just gotten your food when I got there... but not once did anyone ask if I wanted anything to eat... something to drink... it was like I wasn't even there. The food is alright there, nothing spectacular, but the service has completely turned me off of So Long.

And as far as BW3s I understand on the burnout. I'm just under the impression that new restaurants aren't good to go to during the first few opening weeks because of the new staff, new location, etc... I'd rather give them a chance to get the bugs out of the system and let the newness wear off than have a bad experience there (a lá Famous Daves) that would cause me to not like the place. (Although Famous Daves is getting some credit back after their catering job they did at WWC)

Ookami Snow said...

I don't like Famous Dave's for more reasons than just the two craptacular experiences we have had there. For one they put up a billboard on the way into town saying "Best BBQ (or ribs...?)" when in fact Cox won the best BBQ last year in the newspaper "Best of Manhattan" part.

I think So Long has by far the best burgers in town, but, yes sometimes they don't hire the best wait staff, although last time was pretty bad, she either was new or didn't want to be there...

I can understand restaurants not working properly the first couple of weeks, and I can overlook a couple of glitches. I goto OC over in Lawrence alot, so I know what to expect eventually from the place, and I think they will be good even if not fully up to speed yet.

hockeyfrog said...

Just to counter that... Famous Daves wasn't in existance long enough in Manhattan to qualify for the Merc's poll. And with their claim of "World's Best Ribs"... they are a national chain, and have actually won over 150 awards for the ribs. I'm sure Cox has won awards too. *shrugs* Its just that Cox is a local thing, which makes it less known in say, KC... where they have *gasp* several Famous Daves.

The thing is though you can't compare the two anyway, because one is St. Louis bbq, and the other... I'm going to classify as Manhattan bbq, because it definitely isn't like any other bbq I've had, whether it be KC, St.L., Ohio, or Memphis bbq.

As far as not wanting to go to OC, its simply the fact I can't stand going to places that are new simply because its too busy because everyone is all "ooh all something new". I don't have anything against OC. No one seems to remember the fact I went with everyone to the one in Lawrence, but that is besides the point. The point is that I do know what it is like there. Once the crowds die down some, I'd be more than happy to go to OC. Until then, I'm perfectly happy with waiting for that point. I'd rather have a pleasant experience that isn't rushed by inexperienced staff, annoying crowds, etc. Maybe that is the compliance auditor in me coming out, but I'd rather give them ample time to let the newness wear off before I pass judgement on the establishment.

Ookami Snow said...

Cox BBQ is Memphis style and Texas style BBQ. Where Dave's is a sauce style. I would give Dave’s another shot, possibly in KC, but I bet there is better BBQ there anyways.

You don’t have to pass judgment on OC's while it is new. You can decide later how it is, but you could still go to it now (I do like the idea that it is new, etc...).