Saturday, August 27, 2005

Animal right activists steal diseased dogs

National News (article)

Animal rights activists have stolen six huntaway dogs from a Massey University farm, some of which are carrying a fatal genetic disease also found in humans.
Massey veterinarians had hoped that because of the genetic similarities, if they found a cure for the dogs they would also be able to save children. In this respect, they were working with the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.
Without expert treatment, the infected dogs will waste away and die fairly quickly.

but wait there's more...

"(The activists) thought they were liberating animals facing vivisection," said the head of the Massey University Veterinary School, Grant Guilford said. "Instead they have got things horribly wrong and condemned at least some of the dogs to certain death."
The activists, claiming to be from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) posted an anonymous message on an animal liberation website yesterday boasting of breaking into Jennersmead Farm near Bunnythorpe in Manawatu on Tuesday night.
They say they stole records of the dogs' medical treatment which they destroyed in the belief that they were "breeding records".
The buildings with sprayed with graffiti and animal rights slogans.


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