Friday, August 12, 2005

N.Y. Wants Trans Fats Off Restaurant Menus

NCBuy (article)

New York City wants restaurants to narrow their list of ingredients - and maybe some waistlines - by cutting out trans fats. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said the voluntary change could also help fight the city's biggest killer, heart disease.

First they ban smoking in restraunts, then they ban fat... next sugar? Alchohol? Carbohydrates?

Still think a smoking ban is a good thing?


Braveharte said...

I most certainly do! Trans fat bans are different (although a good idea). Trans fat is killing yourself and not other people. Your (metaphorical you here) smoking is killing me. If I was doing something that put small amounts of strichnine into everyone's food for my own pleasure, no one would ever let me into a restaurant (in fact I would be in jail). Similarly, I don't think that smokers have any right to kill me in a public place. As far as the trans fat, at least that's more of a personal decision, but like when people come out with new medicine, if the medicine turns out to make people sick... it gets removed. The trans fats are killing people and there is no reason to keep using them when there are lots of trans fat free alternatives therefore why shouldn't they be banned from being made?

Ookami Snow said...

I know that smoking in not beneficial for people, that is not why a smoking ban is good or bad. The problem is that the government is banning things on private properties. Why can't a bar decide to allow smoking? And then *you* decide not to go there because they allow the smoking. If enough people decide to not want smoking in bars then there will be high enough demand on the bars to make them non-smoking.

I'm not arguing that smoking is a good thing; I am saying that the government should not be the ones who decide what goes on in private places.

Braveharte said...

There's lots of things that the government says that you can't do in private places or public places. You can't do drugs or have sex with prostitutes or beat people up or kill people. How is banning smoking, something that is killing the non-smokers along with the smokers, any different?

nettymus said...

not to say much about prostitutes ( a matter of public image and decency, just like not walking around naked--our culture considers it lewd generally) or the drugs (the drugs are adressed in the drug conversation above), but you can't kill or beat people in your house because the victim had not choice in the matter.
The one who is doing the harming and the one being harmed has a choice in smoking in restraunts and also in eating trans fat.
How exactly does trans fat harm people? I eat things with trans fat. I'm not hurt, but that is because I eat responsibly (well balanced and not excessivly) and I exercise. SO should the people who choose to eat it. Moderation, people!