Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Information regarding Downloading Stand Up Songs to iPods

The Official Dave Matthews Band Website

Please follow the instructions below in order to move your content into iTunes and onto an iPod:
If you have a PC place the CD into your computer and allow the CD to automatically start. If the CD does not automatically start, open your Windows Explorer, locate the drive letter for your CD drive and double-click on the LaunchCD.exe file located on your CD.

Once the application has been launched and the End User License Agreement has been accepted, you can click the Copy Songs button on the top menu.

Follow the instructions to copy the secure Windows Media Files (WMA) to your PC. Make a note of where you are copying the songs to, you will need to get to these secure Windows Media Files in the next steps.

Once the WMA files are on your PC you can open and listen to the songs with Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher. You may also play them in any compatible player that can play secure Windows Media files, such as MusicMatch, RealPlayer, and Winamp, but it will require that you obtain a license to do so. To obtain this license, from the Welcome Screen of the user interface, click on the link below the album art that says If your music does not play in your preferred player, click here. Follow the instructions to download the alternate license.

Using Windows Media Player only, you can then burn the songs to a CD. Please note that in order to burn the files, you need to upgrade to or already have Windows Media Player 9 or greater.

Once the CD has been burned, place the copied CD back into your computer and open iTunes. iTunes can now rip the songs as you would a normal CD.

Or you could just download the song from bitTorrent, and skip all the crap. How is DRM helping to reduce piracy? It seems like it is only punishing the people that want to actually buy the CD. So I guess be aware of this stuff if you do buy a CD, you may be better off just downloading it. (Heck while you are at it, send the band a check for $3, it’s more than they get for a $15 CD anyways.)

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