Sunday, August 21, 2005

This Spartan Life

This Spartan Life (video / show)

This Spartan Life is a talk show set in Halo. Well it's a real talk show... but all the guests are also on an internet game of Halo. The show is pretty good itself (the first guest talks about organizing data in three dimensional environments), but what is really entertaining is that the game of Halo rages on around them. Added to this that (apparently) the guest has never played the game before and the show is laugh-out-loud funny.
My favorite line so far is the guest saying (after being shot): "Oh... I'm dead now."
Also the guest coming on to the show in a vehicle that doesn't quite make the jump it was suppose to is pretty good as well.
Really, check this show out.

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The Math Ninja said...

Yep, that really is quite fun. It is neat to watch the show and the game at the same time.