Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Old mp3 songs for June/July/Aug

in my attempt to keep you, the reader, upto date with my life, I will now give you the songs that were on my mp3 for the Summer:

This Love Maroon 5
Wish me Dead The Famed
Sight-Reading Anything but Joey
Sixteen No Doubt
Smile Vitamin C
My Friends Ruskabank
Green Bain Mattox
That Girl Anything but Joey
Tonight Tonight Smashing Pumpkins
One Anything but Joey
Absolutely Nine Days
Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand
Kaye Jupiter Sunrise

Song most listened to: This Love
Song most skipped: My Friends
Song i like more than when i put it on: Wish Me Dead
Song i like the least since putting it on: Green

And now for some truly rocking songs.

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