Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PIFF Week 1 All-Stars

Pos Player Pts Team
QB P. Manning 14 Steepers
RB C. Dillion 16 Eldars
WR1 K. McCardell 10 Maties
WR2 Ji. Smith 10 Steepers
WR3 R. Moss 7 &s
TE M. Pollard 4 RedBurns
K J. Carney 9 Kilters
DEF Buffalo 3 Snotknockers
DB C. Bailey 2 Eldars
DL1 Ja. Taylor 10 RedBurns
DL2 P. Kerney 2 RedBurns
Coach Newgen 72% Eldars

*A player must be played to be an All-Star.
(Brady is not an All-Star, even though he scored more points than Manning.) Ties are broke by determining which player contributed the most to his team percent wise.
The Coach was decided by seeing which team played most of the points possible, so Newgen got 72% of the points possible for his team last week (actual/optimal=percent possible)

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