Sunday, August 27, 2006

24 Skinks 1 Day

Paint 24 Skinks in one day. That was my goal when I picked up a box of skinks from Patch and Crow's Nest on the way home from school on Friday. Unfortunately I got too distracted on Friday to get even close to done (I got them put together) but for most of Saturday I was devoted to painting all the skinks that day. I finished up at 4am and was basically done, all that was needed was a matte finish. So I was able to get done with a box of skinks in two days. Not too bad.

Today was Rzan and Steff's wedding party. (they got married in Hawaii, and didn't offer to pay for ANYONE to come with, humph! See if I offer to buy them a Play Station 3 when it comes out.) It was a good time and we also got to eat dinner with Newgen.

Oh, also we played disc golf this weekend, I got a -10 and Chris got -11, the best scores ever for our campus course (prev. best was -9). And I can say that it is the best score ever because some of the holes we made up, so we are the only people that play "our" disc golf course.

So yeah, it was a good weekend.


newgen said...

fun skinks. too bad they don't do anything but so says the guy with 100+ gnoblars. they're fun to look at though.

jay said...

Forgive me for asking what does one actually *do* with a box of 24 skinks after one paints them? =p

Ookami Snow said...

Smile and be glad that you are done with them. :)

Really you use them in a game called warhammer;