Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Dot is a really unique game. The object is to get all of the colored balls into the black hole and turn them all black. The way you move the balls is what makes this game different, and, at least for me, very addictive. You have a bigger white ball that draws the smaller colored balls to it like balloons to a fuzzy fuzzy sheep. You must drag the colored balloons up with you toward the black hole, but if you go too fast you will drop some balls. You are in a race against time, and so far my best is 5506. You really should give this game a whirl.

("You" total for this post: eight times, a new record)


Ookami Snow said...


hockeyfrog said...

4220... and I bet I can never get close to that again.

Irene said...

5105 is my best so far