Thursday, August 17, 2006

What is it with(out) wit?

Dear Blog-a-ma-Bob,
I seem to be able to think of sly and witty things to say for comments on other people's blog (well at least I find them sly and witty), but then when it comes time to post on my blog, I have noting witty to say. One would say I am wit-out wit. I am afraid that someone will call me out as falsely advertising my wittiness, because they see my comment and go "Oh my, now thats a guy that is witty, I bet his blog is wittfull". Then they stop by and find out that I have posted a movie trailer, wit was nowhere to be witnessed.

What would welcome witty wonderings? What? What?!?


LawMommy said...

I tried your suggestion... but all I got was honey on my keys. I'm thinking it involves a hardware problem with Dell. Maybe I can get them to institute a recall?

Michelle said...

You Are Nuts. Ps. Since your idlewild post, my computer didn't show any of your new posts so I was like SHANNON is SLACKING. Then I finally hit refresh today, just for a lot there. So this is what I'm doing in place of homework as of now.