Friday, August 25, 2006

Picture Siren

We just had a pretty big storm roll through. There was lots of rain, lots of lightning and even tornado sirens, although it must have been a false alarm because, as Chris put it- "it just didn't feel like a tornado". But we still headed on down to the vet med building in case there actually was a tornado (that is our Apts. designated storm shelter). Even though there wasn't a tornado, the trip wasn't a compete wash as we went up to the third floor balcony of the building and watched the lightning. I took some pics and one of them turned out to be interesting:

But that was my adventure for the night. Soon I will be off to bed, it's not even 12 and I am already tired, dang you school!


Madison Guy said...

We've had the humid part of the Dog Days here in Madison, but it' s been more wind and rain than heat lately. In other words, one long set of soggy doggie days.

But now we have even more to worry about: Mother Nature's neurons misfiring and short-circuiting with "dangerous ground-to-ground lightning", according to the weather guy on the radio. What's up with that? This intrepid citizen journalist, scientific dilettante, and dedicated netizen set out to find out what's going on.

The Math Ninja said...

Nice picture. The sky is even a pretty K-State purple.

Spinning Girl said...

wow, great shot.

Rrramone said...

Very cool pic, and finally we are getting some rain here in Texas. I just walked in it for an hour. Wet goodness.