Thursday, August 03, 2006

On the third day he ate cherries

I promised you pictures, so pictures you will have.

On Sunday Terry, Lindy and crew as well as my Grandparents, Randy and Emily, Amy and Jonathan come up here for a BBQ. We also had a surprise birthday party for my Grandpa since it will be his birthday soon. Needless to say we had a good time.

Randy brought up Sandy, the amazing dog of wonder (as seen before). This time he was baffled by numbers. I tell ya, that dog has the funniest head expressions.

On Monday we kicked it on down to Casa Bonita, one of my favorite places to eat when I was a kid. My Grandparents, Emily, Amy, and Jonathan joined us.

If you have never been to Casa Bonita you are missing out. You eat your meal by a waterfall where there is live entertainment (albeit mostly kid entertainment). There are caves to explore, games to play, and sopapillas to eat.

Our group spent a good majority of the time in the game room. We found a skeetball machine that was paying out 13 tickets every time you started a game, which was impressive since the max payout for the game was 13 tickets, and average game would yield about three tickets. Since the machine was malfunctioning you didn't get any tickets after the game was over, but that was ok, 13 tickets for a quarter was a pretty good deal. I would have to say that it was closest guarded game machine on the premises until we ran out of coins. :)

After our Mexican Fiesta our crew (Chris, Jenette, Michelle and I, how was soonly joined by my dad) kicked it down to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. We got there around 5 and the show started at 7, so we had some time to kill, hence the Denver Public Library.

After a lengthy meal at Wahoo's Fish Taco we made our way back to the show in time to catch the last half of The Only One Who Could Make It. He was a one man band, who brought some cardboard cutouts to fill out the rest of the room on stage. He mainly played guitar, and was pretty good. Jenette got his CD and we just got done listing to it, I approve.

Next was a band called Stars of Track and Field. They had good energy and sounded like a rock version of The Postal Service. I really enjoyed them, but they did not have any CDs to buy. But if you have a chance to hear them give a listen, it is worth it. (They will be playing at the Granada sometime soon.) After Track and Field was The Finals, who I didn't get any good pictures of. They were alright, but compared to the first two group we seen just didn't seem as good as I thought they should have been.

Finally Jupiter Sunrise played. They rocked it out, awesome style, and played a good deal of new songs. Most of the new songs were pretty good, and the old songs that they played were still good even though Amanda played in all of them. It looks like she is fitting into the band petter now, and it looks like they still will be making some good music, even with a female lead singer. We got Jupiter Sunrise to do Kaye as an encore, and during the show Chris (the drummer) thanked us for coming out from Kansas (rock on!). Like I said the show was a good one, and afterwards Chris and Aaron (from the band) asked us if we wanted to go to a diner to eat after they got things packed up. But it was late, and it just wasn't in the cards, so we declined and wished them well along this trip through California and Texas.

Today we woke up bright and early and headed out to Boulder. First on the agenda was the Pearl Street Mall. The Mall is a converted downtown where they have blocked off cars so that you can walk around freely for five or so blocks. There are all sorts of street performers, beggars, and hippies roaming about, half the fun of going it to just watch the wide variety of people that gather there. We were even lucky enough to see the Space Pope (pictured).

After Pearl Street we all headed to the Hippie Food Store for lunch (as I already mentioned). Then we went off to Flat Irons Crossings, a indoor/outdoor mall. We wondered the stores for a good long time until dinner time, for which we met Linda at the California Pizza Kitchen. The food there was alright, but nothing too outstanding, although you can get Italian sodas with your meal (with free refills), so that is a plus. Then after a quick ride in the trunk of Linda's car to where we parked we came home. And now I sleep, for tomorrow is Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. (And I need to be well rested so that I can outrun the wild moose.)

*Note: I wrote this post on Tuesday, but I couldn't get a good enough connection until now to post it. Look for a post about Estes and RMNP tomorrow.

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Cool Pics. Glad to see you had a good time.