Sunday, August 27, 2006

hitching rides with buddha

First let me say that I do not read books. But Charity let me borrow Hitching Rides with Buddha by Will Ferguson (also called Hokkaido Highway Blues) and after just the first couple of pages I was hooked. This true story is about Will as he hitchhikes through Japan following the cherry blossoms one spring. If I were to write a book it would turn out like this -if I was funny, witty, and a good wordsmith, all of which I am not, atleast compared to Will Ferguson. The book is very funny one page and very insightful the next, with glimpses about the truth of himself and Japan throughout the book. Now, I don't really read books, but I do suggest this book to everyone, even those of us who don't read books. Not many things make me laugh out loud (LOL for you younglings); I did many times with this book.

(Thanks Charity for letting me barrow it!)


Charity said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Yeah, I felt that it was one of those books that needed to be passed on. Feel free to continue the tradition!

Charity said...

p.s. you can kill the cartoononi link for now. I'll only be focusing on the teasmartgarden site for a while. Just change the link to...I dunno, Charity's Japan. That would be sweet. Either or, it's your site...I'll understand...*shuffles feet*