Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rumbi Rocks

On Wednesday got ourselves up nice and early (9 or so) and made our way up to Estes Park. There we met Gary and Linda at Ed's Cantina for lunch and then while they mountain biked around the rest of us (Michelle, Chris, Jenette and I) explored Estes. We noticed an old burned out building on a hillside so we checked that out first. It is a easy climb to get up the the house and the view out above Estes is spiffy. After the side trip we got down to business and checked out the stores around town. Not much has changed since last year except that there are more restaurants.

A couple of hours later Gary and Linda caught back up with us and milled around Estes for a bit. Then we all headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park. We stopped at the Alluvial Fans to go check up on how the river is doing (every year we try to make the course of the river change by digging side paths in the sand... I don't think we have much impact). It turns out that the river is still there and things look about the same. On the way back to the cars we played the time old game of "Don't Touch the Ground" where you try to jump from boulder to boulder and get back to the parking lot without touching the ground. For the most part we won.

It was getting too dark to do anything else after the fans so we headed on back to Longmont. Linda needed to go to bed so we dropped her off and the rest of us went to Texas Roadhouse to eat dinner. It was the first time that I have ate there and I would recommend going there if the opportunity arises. Although I think I would suggest getting something different than what got. What was it? One of every appetizer on the menu. That is: ribs, cheese fires, a sweet potato with caramel sauce, an onion blossom, potato skins, a bowl of chili, poppers, chicken strips, and buffalo wings, as well as the free bread. It was good, and actually pretty cheap... but oh man was it a lot of fried food. Next time I'll just get the onion blossom and a regular meal. After dinner we waddled home and went to bed.

Today was Longmont day. We went to the new Hobby Town, which is huge, and then Rumbi for lunch. Rumbi is a Hawaiian place where you get rice bowls as well as other things. I got a teriyaki chicken rice bowl with brown rice and mango tea to drink. I think it cost about $8 and there was more than enough food for two meals. Oh it also was very tasty, I think we all agreed that it was a good place to eat.

After Rumbi Gary and I went off to the Pro Skate to redeem by birthday gift certificate. I ended up buying the gloves that he had picked out for me in the first place, and it cost me $5 plus the gift certificate. They are pretty awesome gloves if I do say so myself. We met back up with the rest of the crew at Borders and then headed to the Cheese Importers to get cheesy. While there we grabbed some dried pasta and a good amount of assorted cheeses to eat for dinner. We then came home made pasta and had a nice long dinner to finish off the day. Tomorrow we will be leaving for Garden in the morning and then on Saturday we will be going to Wichita and the to Rzans bachelor party in Manhattan at night. This is a pretty full week... full of awesome! ^_^

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Big Red Lance said...

Estes Park is pretty awesome. Have a fun time at Rzan's party.