Wednesday, March 14, 2007

300 Movie Review

Last weekend I went to go see the movie 300. This is what I think.

300 is one of the best movies to ever be made. I don't think that the story is all that spectacular since there was little character development. But what they lacked in story they made up for in cinematography. While I watched the movie I kept in mind that it was based off a comic book. Although I have never read the comic there were many times that I was able to see the shot from the comic being played out on the movie screen. The guys that made this film did not hold back the idea that it is a "comic book" movie and what resulted was a very well made movie. Be warned though, there is alot of blood, and a couple of severed heads, but it didn't seem that bad or overwhelming in the context of the movie.
I better stop saying that this movie was based off of a comic book though because somebody might get the wrong idea. Don't misunderstand me. I hate normal comic book movies. I find that they use some hero give him some thin plot and then suck it up while and hope people come see the movie. It is very annoying.
300 on the other hand takes a decent story and then is made better through the movie. The colors are vivid, the acting is solid, and the fighting is like a choreographed dance. It is really a sight to be seen.

300 is worth a full price movie ticket.


Shanshu said...

Something else I loved about this movie was the historical accuracy. Sure, there were some errors in general, beacause there always will be, in a movie like this. Otherwise it's a documentary and it's boring.

But many of the quotes, the rituals, the battle strategy...all real. You can wikipedia it and find many things similar.

Think Frustrated said...

Not totally accurate, as the Spartans fought in the nude.

Put "300 Review" in Google and you will see the masses of bloggers who are reviewing this movie. I may actually go to the theater to see it.

The Math Ninja said...

You should. As long as you don't expect a detailed plot with explanations of what is happening and why, it's quite good.

Anonymous said...

They may say its based off the comic, or various other predecessors, but its based off of an actual event. The Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. One of the most brilliant battles to ever be fought.

-Kome (lime37)

Ookami Snow said...

@kome yeah but if you go into the movie thinking it is historical your will be mislead and possibly not like it. Even though this movie is based off of real events, there is considerable changes, and a fair amount of fantasy.