Friday, March 16, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 8 Results, Round 9 Pairing

61. Sara With No H vs.
Sara is just happy that they haven't had to resort to cannibalism over at the house. She is taking care of three nephews and they seem to be about as much as she can handle. She also has the title of being able to type 20 words a minute, impressive. Jiggscasey has a new fact to me. Apparently when you eat aspargus your pee smells different. Only some people can smell the change, and I must be in that category because I never even had a thought that my pee smelled any different after eating aspargus. But I guess it is also not something that I have pursued to smell either.
Winner: Sara With No H

So here is final part of the bracket:
The match up for the Second Chance Bracket Champion is:
62. Writing as jo(e) vs. Sara With No H

The winner will take on Dust-Slaying: Redux for the title of my new favorite blog.


Braveharte said...

In reference to the asparagus, more recent evidence indicates that there are two separate genes... there is one for smelling the asparagus pee and one for producing the asparagus pee. There's also something similar with cilantro. One form of the gene makes it taste citrusy, but the other form of that gene makes it taste like soap... I am definitely in the soap group. Yuck!

Heather B said...

It was an honor being in your top 8 ... if even for a mere moment!

jiggs said...

sweet jesus no!