Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I was working on getting a post up about Mad on YouTube, but when I posted it everything when wonky, and now... somehow... my photobucket account that holds all of my images for this page is deleted. I don't know how those are linked or what happened, but that sucks. So for a bit it looks like my blog will look sorta crappy until I get things sorted out. Sorry.

(And I was looking forward to my Mad post too.)

Update: I got most of the stuff fixed, but I don't have my normal profile pic handy so I put up a screen capture of a certain scared kid as my protest against photobucket.
Update2: It looks like it just happened to be a coincidence and photobucket went down at the same time that I was messing with the Mad stuff. I will still leave scared kid up until photobucket gets back up though. Ok bed for me.

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