Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 5 Results

I still am having problems leaving comments on blogs, but I think it is due to the new version of Firefox, so I will have to get on that. In the mean time I present the long awaited round 5 results.

49. Scrivenings vs. Sara With No H
Scrivenings had some trouble walking to campus. He knew that it was going to rain so he brought some extra socks with to change into when the inevitable foot soaking took place, unfortunately he didn't think it was going to rain (and hail) as much as it did, so the backup socks got drenched too. Sara took some get-to-know-you time with her boyfriend(?) down at the shooting range. She had never shot a gun before, but within no time she had the hang of things. She was even going for advanced targets like the crotch on her first time.
Winner: Sara With No H

50. Just Thoughts vs. Leisure Pursuit
Janelle (Just Thoughts) is in the mist of a move and has a new Macbook on the way. Valerie took a photo safari on Sunday. A photo safari is an event where a photographer goes around with a group of people and explains how to take pictures of different things. The one main rule during the safari is that you can't use a flash. It sounds like a fun thing to do.
Winner: Leisure Pursuit

51. Jiggscasey.com vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
Jiggscasey has decided to throw his hat (and pants) into the political ring. His platform sounds basically Libertarian where people are free to do what they want. He says: "If a town wants to put up a nativity scene because some Christians ask, that's fine as long as if some Jews want a Hanukkah shrub they get some love too. The city also has to put up something nice for Ramadan if the Muslims ask. And a little display for the Flying Spaghetti Monster if some[one] ask. Nothing for Kwanzaa, though, because that's totally made up." Nina (Other Side) is setting up a new apartment in DC. She has some really nice pictures of the people in the area and points out some of the differences between Madison and DC.
Winner: Jiggscasey.com

52. Just Keep Swimming vs. Everybody Knows
Heather (Keep Swimming) has a video up about how it is snowing where they are, and apparently people can't drive in the snow there. I think she may be in California then, so that may explain it. Everybody Knows will have another birthday soon. She is not fond of the magnifying mirrors that is used to put on makeup, and notes that at the rate of head hair loss and facial hair growth she may resemble Bruce Willis in 10 years.
Winner: Just Keep Swimming

Alright round 6 to be up soon, and I may even get on that upper bracket today.


Sleep Goblin said...

Ack!! Not today!

Shanshu said...

Ohhhhhhhh the upper bracket (Final Four) anticipation is killing me. I check back all the time in an effort to see if the results have posted.

You pull me around like I'm on strings!

PS: I've noticed Firefox incompatibilites, too. For example, at work I use IE and my blog page shows up cool with graphics and stuff. At home, where I use Firefox...no cool graphics. I swear if you view my blog in IE it's much cooler looking.

Janelle Renee said...

Congrats, Valerie!

Fun contest! Hope you do it again soon.

Valerie said...

Thanks Janelle! Good luck with all your packing.

Like Shanshu,I keep checking back for the standings--it has been a fun contest!