Thursday, March 08, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 6 Results, Round 7 Pairings

And now behold the awesomeness of the results from the round 6 second chance brackets.

56. Sara With No H vs. Leisure Pursuit
Sara has moral problems giving students things to do for her, like translating pod-casts, running errands, and making her nachos. I don't see any problem, it sounds like a good system to me. Valerie (Leisure Pursuit) weighs in on her opinions of the remaining American Idol contestants. Apparently there are still people on the show that sing off key.
Winner: Sara With No H

57. vs. Just Keep Swimming
Jiggscasey posted a video where they made margaritas with liquid nitrogen. It looks like something really fun to try, but i think it may be too hard for me to actually get a hold of some liquid nitrogen. Heather (Keep Swimming) had me choose a fruit (I chose cherry obviously) and then told me about myself. Some of it was right, other parts were wrong. I most definitely do not have a pit in the center of me.

So that means the updated brackets look like...
Whats left:


Round 7 will just be the Second Chance bracket, here are the pairings.
58. Adventures in Kicking People vs.
59. What the Duck? vs. Sara With No H


Valerie said...

Congrats to Sara!

This competition was fun. I hope you'll stop by and visit from time to time.

Good luck to the remaining competitors!


Ookami Snow said...

I plan on visiting everybody in the competition regularly, the point was to find new blogs to read, and I have found a good 15 or 20 blogs to keep up with.

Kat said...


Monkey said...

This is amazing! Some of my favorite blogs are duking it out. Dooking? D√ľking? Erm.

Some of my favorite blogs are on this chart thing here.

jiggs said...

boooyah! Eat our dust, Heather B at "Just keep swimming."

Adventures in kicking people will be no walk in the park however. I'm a little worried about being kicked in my tickle spot.

jiggs said...

And for those of you wondering, my tickle spot is my left tibia.