Thursday, March 22, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Championship.

Well it all comes down to this:
63. Dust-Slaying vs. Sara With No H
Shanshu (Dust-Slaying) lays down a one two punch of annoyances. First is the problem that alot of people have with pronouncing the word chipotle, specifically when it comes to the restaurant. People the word round (i.e. America) pronounce it chi-pot-el or chi-poll-tee, and not the correct chi-poht-leh. I used to mispronounce the word too, but I have seen the light (their take-out menu has the correct way to pronounce it). The second annoyance is with chain letters, and I really don't think we need to go into that one any further. Sara counter-punches with a description about her first bike ride of the year(?). And then follows it up with a post about favorite restaurants that are no more. My two favortie dead restaurants are El Charro in Garden (the bestest Mexican food), and Cox Bros. BBQ here in Manhattan. I do miss those places.... Ok enough longing for burritos long gone.
Winner: Dust-Slaying

So there we have it, a little over a month and I have found my new favorite blog, Shanshu's Dust-Slaying. He diffidently deserves this title. His blog was the only one that did not lose a single pairing, and it always seemed that he had something funny or entertaining posted. There were many blogs that were great in the contest but only a few that always seemed to produce on such a high level all of the time, and Shanshu always seemed to post just that extra very funny bit to get him the win. Bravo I say, bravo.

This contest turned out to be more enjoyable that I thought it was going to be. I really started to look forward to reading the blogs, and sometimes it annoyed me that I would have to wait two or more days to catch up on what everyone had been posting.
I think that overall the contest was a success, and I think that I may do another contest sometime soonish, but first I was to give myself some time to get some blog time back, since it seems like most of my posts over the last month have been about the contest.
I would like to thank everyone for being a good sport all along and not getting mad with me when I had to make the (always) tough decision about what blog to move on to the next round. Also I would like to thank everybody for keeping up on my blog and I hope that you will stick around and keep on checking up on what I have to say.
Well I guess I should go over the final results, so here is how everyone did (I even made little buttons for the places).

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My New Favorite Blog:
Dust-Slaying: Redux

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My New Favorite Blog Runner Up:
Sara With No H

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My New Favorite Blog Semi-Finalists:
Writing as jo(e)

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My New Favorite Blog Quarter-Finalists:
Adventures in Kicking People
What the Duck?
Leisure Pursuit
Just Keep Swimming

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My New Favorite Blog Round of 16:
Just Thoughts
"Brevity is... wit."
Legally Blonde
Sniper Kitty
The Other Side of the Ocean
Phantom Scribbler
Everybody Knows

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My New Favorite Blog Participants:
The Lost Scribblings Of A Virtual Gypsy
Crabcake's Cowpie Field
A Gentleman's C
Whole Lotta Trouble
As told to (your name here)
I Think, Therefore I am Frustrated.
Scared Bunny
Accident Prone
Jeremy Freese's Weblog
Thoughts of a Crazy Redhead
Stressful Times for Psyc Girl
Ph.d. Ladybug

Here is the final bracket:

I am going to get up some sort of drop-down menu thing on the sidebar so that I can continue to check up on all of the blogs, so keep on a look out for that. Alright, I am starting to get real tired now, so I am going to head off to bed. Thanks again everyone for playing; I had a great time and I hope everyone else did as well.
Rock, rock on.


Shanshu said...


I effing RULE. Woot!

I love winning things. Too bad there's no pot of gold or lonely, buxom surprise waiting for me at the end.

I'll just make do with "Favorite Blog" for now, which is an honor in itself.

Thanks for the fun! I enjoyed participating in your blog bracket. I agree, it was a good idea and you should do something similar in the future.

PS: You might also want to figure out a way to fix your sidebar, since it's stuck in the bottom netherworld of your blog bar. lol


Don't feel bad. That happens to me every now and then, and it always pisses me off.

Anamika Anyone said...

Yaaay! For Shanshu.
And phew. For you. Good work,man.

Ookami Snow said...

@shanshu - Thanks for the heads up on my blogs format. I looked with my versions of Firefox and IE and it looked fine, so it is good that you told me. I know that is it the youtube player that is messing it up, so i fixed that and hopefully it is fine now.

kimberlina said...

woohoo! i wish had more time to post. or were wittier. and had a penis.

just kidding about that last one. i def do NOT want a penis. i mean, didn't you see casino royale? ugh.

i'm excited i at least made it on the list. but i have the feeling that everyone was on a list in this post. yay for everyone!

i'm going to finish my chocolate cake brekkie now, thanks.

Monkey said...

Congratulations to Shanshu. I'm a lurker over there, but I'm always entertained.

Good Work Ookami.

Valerie said...

I was a quarterfinalist, which was exiting for me, but do feel that Shanshu is the deserving winner. Congratulations!!!

Hey Ookami, I love that you changed your profile image to that kid screaming--it was hilarious!

The Gare Bear said...

It was interesting to follow this blog contest. I've been following Legally Blonde since she was in the running. I like her blog -- in some way I can't quite define, I think it represents some frustrations, honesty, random blogging that is a cross section of bloggers and those who maybe should blog but don't yet. For anyone else out there that has taken a look at Legally Blonde, let's band together and help her get through law school and her bar exams -- before it is too late and she quits.

Congratulations Dust-Slaying: Redux on winning.