Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 7 Results, Round 8 Pairings

Round 7 went something like this:

58. Adventures in Kicking People vs. Jiggscasey.com
Sleep Goblin (Kicking People) let on a secret that she doesn't like food. Well she doesn't like food enough to make it, and she would eat chicken flavored ramen all the time if 'the man' would let her. Jiggscasey thinks that the only way that there should be Presidential candidates on TV is if it is part of a reality show. Also Jiggs made a dramatic reading on a nonsensical spam email.
Winner: Jiggscasey.com

59. What the Duck? vs. Sara With No H
Madge (What the Duck) is having a front porch revival where even the bougainvillea plant that was once lost has come back home to produce leaves and flowers. Sara is at it again with using students for her own personal gain. This time she doesn't want to kill a cockroach herself. When will this insanity ever end? Oh speaking of insane she lets CrazyBikeDude into her house when she is not around, and then he changes the clocks in her house. Yeah.
Winner: Sara With No H

That means the brackets look something like this:
Close up:


Round 8 Pairings:
60. Dust-Slaying: Redux vs. Writing as jo(e) (Upper Bracket)
61. Sara With No H vs. Jiggscasey.com (Second Chance Bracket)

Upper bracket results may come soon.


Shanshu said...

This is getting stressful!

But it's still fun.

jiggs said...


One question: If I'm understanding the bracket, writing as jo(e) moved into the second chance bracket with her loss. Which means that if we beat Sarah with no h, we could face writing as jo(e) again.

Am I reading it right? Obviously this is looking ahead, but I'm looking forward to the rematch, should it occur. We'll break out the best poopoo and peepee jokes for that.

Ookami Snow said...

@Jiggs - That is correct.