Friday, March 02, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 5 Brackets

Here we are at round 5, let's have a look at the brackets.
Here is the upper bracket:

The Second Chance Bracket:

And the bracket overall:

Round five will just be for the second chance bracket, so here are those parings:
49. Scrivenings vs. Sara With No H
50. Just Thoughts vs. Leisure Pursuit
51. vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
52. Just Keep Swimming vs. Everybody Knows


Shanshu said...

The Final Four!!

It's very exciting. The pressure is on.

It's so on.

Elle Woods said...

Your Mom says I should get another chance since my internet was shafted. And she had encouraging words about my job search. What a nice lady.

Elle Woods said...

Or maybe that was your Dad. I rock.

Ookami Snow said...

I don't respond to threats!

Nah, there really isn't a way to get anyone back in, there just isn't a way when I am doing it bracket style.

But you did get a whole post over on his blog, so you can think of that as a consolation prize.

Heather B said...

Ok this is way off subject, but I just realized you are from Manhattan and I think a guy I know from there.

However Im not all that close to him and I cant remember how old he is - his name is Kevin Stamm. Any bells going off?

Ookami Snow said...

@ heather- I do not recall anybody named Stamm. But I am quite bad with names, so it is possible that I have met him many-a-times and not recognize the name.