Thursday, March 01, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Round 4 Second Chance Bracket

The results are in for the end of round four:

45. Sara With No H vs. "Brevity is... wit."
Sara sounds like she is gearing up for an abundance of fun times as she is going to take care of her three nephews for five days. She promises that she will be able to survive those five days. Neel (Brevity) had a post Academy Awards post, and I leaded that they give out honorary Oscars.
Winner: Sara With No H

46. Leisure Pursuit vs. Legally Blonde
Valerie (Leisure Pursuit) talks about radio stations that bail out guys who don't pay child support for a publicity stunt. She also uses the words scuttlebutt and chortle in two separate posts. Elle (Legally Blonde) looks like she might have to work for a law company that also sells Chinese food (?). And also ponders when Leonardo DiCaprio.
Winner: Leisure Pursuit

47. Sniper Kitty vs. The Other Side of the Ocean
Kat tells all about a new Fox show called "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader", it sounds mostly annoying. Kinda why I try to avoid all network TV. Nina (Other Side) apparently makes her day go better by manipulating time. She also decided to take the plunge and buy the unfinished condo. Things may get interesting.
Winner: The Other Side of the Ocean

48. Phantom Scribbler vs. Everybody Knows
Mama (Phantom Scribbler) has a good Wednesday Whine and also has a child that put in a good 13 hours of medicine aided sleep. Everybody Knows discusses that over the past 36 years we haven't done much to make the world better. Although we do now have Prius' to buy. Also she won a round of search bingo with the term "how do i know what mistakes i did in my cbest exam".
Winner: Everybody Knows

I will have the brackets and pairings for round five posted in a bit.


Elle Woods said...

Well now I can go back to sucking. I was trying to get more up before you judged again but the internet was down all day.

Kat said...