Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My New Favorite Blog, Upper Bracket champion results

60. Dust-Slaying: Redux vs. Writing as jo(e)
Shanshu (Dust-Slaying) played hooky and got burned. He called into work on Friday sick, or his grandma was sick, or something. So he got the day off to watch movies and the like. Then over the weekend he actually got sick but couldn't call in on Monday. Karma? Jo(e) is now over in Europe and taking wonderful pictures and seems to just be turning out the tales. Also she gets points for being nice to them and improving our international relationships. The choices I have to make now are just getting too hard, but I guess I have to go with the hooky story.
Winner: Dust-Slaying: Redux

Shanshu will play whoever makes it out of the Second Chance bracket (two more rounds to go there) for the title of My New Favorite Blog. Congratulations!

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Shanshu said...


If I wasn't sick and at work being miserable, I would totally jump up and give a HOOT outloud!


Tourneys rock. Doubly so, when you actually win.