Friday, November 05, 2004


Scrabble is on ESPN right now.



in other tv news:
right now i am watching brain-rot usa (mtv).
there is a show called 'you've got a friend'. its where a guy acts like a friend to someone, and if they person can play along for two days (while the 'friend') destroys your life you got $15k.
All your relationships are screwed for $15,000. worth it? no. is this a good show have youngins watch? no. good tv? no. (although mtv wants you to say yes.).

changed my mind, watch it, see who advertizes during it, and do not buy from them. Heres my list:
Incredibles movie (too bad, i kinda wated to see that one.)
Juice box (mp3 player)
Now 17 (cd)
Saw (movie)
Ngage (darn ^_^)
M-Azing (candy bar)
Duracell (hum... thats too bad)
Taco Bell
Ace Combat (vid game)
Ray (movie)
Nintendo DS
Spongebob square pants movie
Best Buy (ouch)

So there you go none of those companies for the rest of the month.


Taylor said...

Saw is a great movie, ever seen it? if you havent, i suggest you do...takes a little while to get into it but its good after like the first 15 minutes

Ookami Snow said...

that kind of movie really doesn't appeal to me...
although it could be good.