Saturday, November 13, 2004

Healthy Forest Act

Some people have a problem with the Healthy Forest Act becuse it allows loggers to log in National forests. Heres what I say: (Topic brought up by
this blog )

This act was in response to the fact that national forests were being choked to death by dead matter. Normally, when there is no human intervention, fires clean out the forest of dead material. But since we put out fires (many times because people are at risk) the forest was killing itself with dead matter. This caused a double problem (as we saw a couple years ago in Colorado). When fires started to get going during the drought year, they could not be stopped because there was too much fuel. A couple of towns lost homes because of this.
The Healthy Forest Act allows loggers to remove very specific trees (not a clear cut as many people think) and they must cut some trees down and leave them there. It has really helped the forests in Colorado.
At first glace cutting down trees to help a forest seems backwards, but it actually makes sense

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