Friday, November 05, 2004


i dont care anymore.

if i think you are wrong, so what, ill let you think that.
if you have a diffrent thought, i wont care, no need to find out why.
if you are running the wrong way, oh wll, at least im going the right.
life is easier when the whole world is falling and you worry about making your landing softly
and ignore those around you.

Some mistake my questions as arguments, as accusing of wrong doing
they are not, i try to understand those around me, see why they think the things they do.
people watch their stupid lifes go right by them as they do and think nothing,
that may be better cause at least then no one doesnt like them.

i have money. why should i share it with anyone?
me and nicole are working for it, no one else is.
i used to not care where the money went as long as my life was going fine.
but why?
others had money and spent it on them sleves, then complained when they had none left.
I didnt mind if they used mine, its just money after all.
but why?
why should i give to people that give nothing back. why?

i dont care anymore.
Ill just worry about myself.
if you are wrong, fine, think it, screw up the world.
Thats ok, because i will be able to die before it can get too bad.
my childeren on the other hand are gonna have to live in it...
but thats right, they arnt me, what do do i care about them.
i dont care

(pss ill be fine, it just so happened that i was here and that came out.)

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