Monday, November 22, 2004

Hockey and whatever.

I'm kinda tired, which is weird cause i got 8 or so hours of sleep last night. and im typing slow... and its cold outside.

This weekend went fine, we played fine our first game and got mercied, we played Illinois later on Saturday and lost to them, but we played very well and we didn't get mercied. For the rest of the day on Saturday we went to StL Mills, which i think we all agree is the best Mills mall we have been to. (Better than Colorado and Grapevine). They had an ice rink, a Nascar mega-fun place, and many many cool stores. We stayed there until close (9.30) then we went to Longhorns, which just opened. The food there was good, but i would prob go somewhere else for the price. Then we just went back to the motel and went to sleep. Sunday we had a mid-morning game against CMSU which we tied, but were very close to winning. We played well in that game, aaron and nicole might get assists recorded and even jenette had a shot on goal. We are getting much better every game we play, and hopefully we wont lose too much skill over the break.

Let's see what else...
Oh, i finally got homework in linear models, but he never said when it was due, so we didnt ask, and we'll assume its not the monday after break >:)... ok i think i am done...
Oh yeah, Pam from stat (not the secretary, but the student) says that the video for gameboy advance is pretty good quality, I had wondered if it was worth getting the videos for the GBA. Pam says that her 3yr old daughter watches them all the time and she hasn't broke them yet. Ok, I'm

*Note: Spell check knows that Nascar should be NASCAR. But does not know Nasa is a word.*

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