Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Well if my ballot was an indication of how the election is going to go, the Republicans are going to win by a landslide. Not only that Kerry didn't even get a vote.

But really we will soon see if we continue to the land of the free, or just another country. Cause if we lose our freedoms here we can't go to another country, we're all there is.

Also if we don't get attacked today by terrorists i think we can claim a win against them. I have read than 2/3 (or 5/6???) of the leading members of al Quida have been captured. I really do not think they are much of a threat anymore.

So in conclusion, go vote. and while you are at it finish my paper which is due by 11. Ok i'll let you choose one or the other to do.

Yay! BW3 day... not that i am good at trivia like some ambers i know... ^_^

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