Thursday, November 11, 2004


Thats what i *should* be doing, since my test is in the morning tomorrow... but when you have to do something like that to do *anything* is more entertaining. So here i am.

Today was nice. I got to sleep in (no more Thursday class), then i studied and cleaned from game night. Then went to Dry land, this time they had the stadium lights on, so we were able to play ultimate for awhile, until they shut off in the middle of the game. ^_^ ah well, it was fun. Then we hopped on over the Chipotle to grab some food before nicole had to goto class. and now i am here.

so good day so far.

random thought from school: We should replace 'l' (lower case L) with lambda because on computers '1' and 'l' look alot alike.

Other thought: Why do we treat a skinny person who thinks they are fat to actually see themselves as skinny, but we treat a male that he's a female to make him a female. Are both of those problems not made by problems with the brain?


Anonymous said...

Ooo... ooo... you asked me this one before, but I think I know the answer this time! So in treating anorexia we use a lot of drugs that mess with neurotransmitters (with varying success). Many people still do drastic things to their bodies despite these therapies. Now the problem with transexuals is that we can't produce the hormone that makes the brain "masculine". It has to be done prenatally or you're screwed. Thus for the transexuals, since we can't change their brain, we change their bodies to match their brains. Additionally there is a difference in the "cost" of a different body. For anorexics, a skinnier body generally results in death (i.e. not a good idea to change them). Plastic surgery to change genders, is fairly harmless as far as survival. I think the overall key is that anorexics are hurting themselves and transexuals are healing themselves.

Ookami Snow said...

So if we had a drug to fix them (transexuals) should we?

Also there are other problems, shuch a phobias, that are not deadly, but we still treat.

Also, who are you?

Anonymous said...

It's Julia again... Um. I don't think you could force someone to be treated rather than give them surgery. The key to treatment is that you treat someone to make them feel better (whatever form of treatment will make them feel better or protect them from doing themselves harm). If the transexuals will feel better from surgery rather than a drug, then I say let them have surgery. It's really their choice.