Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Day has been fine so far.
I got away from Linear Models without homework again (yay)
came home, play tested my game a bit, which works pretty good first time through. One of the key elements, out flanking, works real well. The units are hard to destroy head on, but if you can flank your opponent, the units will crumble. Also, there was a couple times when i had to think real hard about what to do. So, so far the game looks to be like one i might actually scribble some rules down for ^_^.
In messy we got our final project, which is not the final thing we need to do, and its no more a project than any other homework... but it has a fancy 'final project' title... we get to analyze 3 datasets about cheese, yippee!... what else.... ah thats about it.
As far as it looks all systems are a go for tonight at PJ's, im not looking forward to being there forever, but that is ok, I'll gets to see ABJ before they are DH. (DuH?)
float on.

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