Monday, November 29, 2004

My boots a splode

my winter boots died in a spectacular disintegration throughout the day today. When i put them on this morning all the rubber was cracked, by the time i got to school the leather had pulled away from the rubber on top, after my first class the bottom of my boot fell half way off (not ripped off, it just fell off), I stapled it back on so i could walk around. I also stapled the rubber back together where is was cracking apart. By the time I walked home, the rubber had cracked all over the front and i was losing chunks from the toe... poor poor boots... I guess they were meant to die now. R-Honda gave me money to buy new shoes, so i think that money is gonna get converted into new boots. I think they are even to ghetto for me to wear.
Anyways today was a nice cold wintry day. My linear models homework was due today, but we didn't have it done, so now its due wed. The final project is now the actual final project (as in, no more work to do afterwards, 'cept the final) as it is now due on the last day of class. For lunch today i walked on over to the J of the J and got a Vito then went to Radina's and got a Latte and carrot cake. Good Stuff. i've been taking today easy. Hockey practice is cancelled due to snow, so now i've got a whole night to do what ever i want... QB1? possibly....

So lets do a quick run down of the big T.
We had Thanksgiving at Nicole's mom's house on Thanksgiving, grandma, and family came as well, and so did Joe. It was good. We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday and had such stars as Austin, Tara, Marsha, Nicoles family show up, and the people you would expect to go with them. It was a good time. We went in the hot tub one night when White Chedda came down, i guess that would make it Thanksgiving night. It was still a bit to warm, but fun nonetheless. Let's see what else happened.... We ate Sunday dinner at Grandma's new place in Garden Valley. It is a real nice place with a library, hair salon, coffee house, church, food place, and other things attached together in one big building. It would be a fun place to live, and will be a real good place for Grandma to hang out at (she is also still living at her house as well). The people working there were real nice (not sanitarily nice, but joking with the folks nice), and Grandma already had people to talk to during dinner (during dinner she got up and went over to another table and talked with them....).
I bought Starship Troopers 2 for a couple bucks... its about worth that much... maybe less. We also watched Elf, which is a movie worth renting, although i'm not sure about buying....
Anyways, thats about all for the big T recap....

I'm gonna go make some christmas tea now.

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