Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Day Off.

Well today i didnt have to do anything. I didnt have classes, and homework is due far enough away that i didn't need to work on it. So what did i accomplish? nothing.
Nothing sounded like fun to do :(. That's the breaks, i know it was cause i didn't *have* to do anything, but it would have been nice to wake up and go "oh hey, i'm gonna do this".. ah well

I did start to make a new game. Its about samurai when they first get guns and is a regiment like game (Warmaster-ish). I got pretty far on it (all the game pieces are done...) now to just work out the rules :) .
BW3 went fine, i got first in the Mini-Six, and Aaron won the Showdown. We were asked (by staff) to come in on thrus. to push the smokers out of the smoking section... i have no idea what thats all about, but its code name is "Sitting Duck". If you have any more info I would really like to hear about it.

I think thats about it, I need to get to bed cause i got class in the morning :(. Ja.

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