Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Wired News: 'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread' (article)

I hope more bands take this approach...

The difference is like any biz. You need to make raving fans of your customers. If your give them something for free they will like you for it and want to buy from you. This has worked for restaurants (free Jimmy John’s on campus), it will worked for Wilco.

p.s. Movie industry suits start today. They felt that RIAA was making so much love for themselves that they want to get in on that.
What would happen if the Movie Industry would say: "I know we live in a digital age. You are free to download any movie you want, either from us (which they would set at low quality) or from others. But when you find a movie you like, please buy it in DVD format so that you can truly enjoy the movie as it was meant to be seen."
Do you think this would hurt the movie industry? I doubt there would be many more new people d/l who dont already, but some people that do it may feel like they should buy the DVD when they like something. I would like to see them say that and see what happens.

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