Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A prescription for trouble

A prescription for trouble (article)

from the land of "i have no idea what i am talking about".

Need to get going....

but before i do i'll update el blogo.

The only news worth thing is that i found a program, grouper. It is like Bad Blue, but better. With it we can make a small file sharing network, much like Bad Blue but more linked. In any case you should go d/l the program, then give me your account's email addy so that we can get a better file sharing network together. (BadBlue just isnt working good enough).

Nothing much else to say.... we sat up our xmas tree last night.
I slept till 10 this morning then wondered around on the internet, played with grouper, ate lunch, and now im off to school to work on some homework. Which i need to do.


by felix jung (site)

very fun, it would be fun to have enough time/knowledge to do such things.

Converting the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence

pi10k (site)

Fun to play around on for a bit.

Monday, November 29, 2004

My boots a splode

my winter boots died in a spectacular disintegration throughout the day today. When i put them on this morning all the rubber was cracked, by the time i got to school the leather had pulled away from the rubber on top, after my first class the bottom of my boot fell half way off (not ripped off, it just fell off), I stapled it back on so i could walk around. I also stapled the rubber back together where is was cracking apart. By the time I walked home, the rubber had cracked all over the front and i was losing chunks from the toe... poor poor boots... I guess they were meant to die now. R-Honda gave me money to buy new shoes, so i think that money is gonna get converted into new boots. I think they are even to ghetto for me to wear.
Anyways today was a nice cold wintry day. My linear models homework was due today, but we didn't have it done, so now its due wed. The final project is now the actual final project (as in, no more work to do afterwards, 'cept the final) as it is now due on the last day of class. For lunch today i walked on over to the J of the J and got a Vito then went to Radina's and got a Latte and carrot cake. Good Stuff. i've been taking today easy. Hockey practice is cancelled due to snow, so now i've got a whole night to do what ever i want... QB1? possibly....

So lets do a quick run down of the big T.
We had Thanksgiving at Nicole's mom's house on Thanksgiving, grandma, and family came as well, and so did Joe. It was good. We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday and had such stars as Austin, Tara, Marsha, Nicoles family show up, and the people you would expect to go with them. It was a good time. We went in the hot tub one night when White Chedda came down, i guess that would make it Thanksgiving night. It was still a bit to warm, but fun nonetheless. Let's see what else happened.... We ate Sunday dinner at Grandma's new place in Garden Valley. It is a real nice place with a library, hair salon, coffee house, church, food place, and other things attached together in one big building. It would be a fun place to live, and will be a real good place for Grandma to hang out at (she is also still living at her house as well). The people working there were real nice (not sanitarily nice, but joking with the folks nice), and Grandma already had people to talk to during dinner (during dinner she got up and went over to another table and talked with them....).
I bought Starship Troopers 2 for a couple bucks... its about worth that much... maybe less. We also watched Elf, which is a movie worth renting, although i'm not sure about buying....
Anyways, thats about all for the big T recap....

I'm gonna go make some christmas tea now.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Old mp3 Songs for Oct/Nov

in my attempt to keep you, the reader, upto date with my life, I will now give you the songs that were on my mp3 for Oct and Nov:
Stay Home                             Self
Til the Day I Die                      Garbage
Harujion                                  Bump of Chicken
Clarity                                    John Mayer
Wonderful                              Everclear
This Road                               Jars of Clay
3rd Planet                               Modest Mouse
Better Than You                     Anything But Joey
Things I'll Never Say               Avril Lavigne
Brand New Skin                     Count the Stars
Traveling                                 Utada Hikaru
Saiyonara Color                      Super Butter Dog
Perfect                                    Simple Plan
Silent Life                                .hack//SIGN
Save Tonight                           Eagle Eye Cherry
Nice Weather For Ducks         Lemon Jelly
Steal Me                                  Jupiter Sunrise

Song most listened to: Things I'll Never Say
Song most skipped: Brand New Skin
Song i like more than when i put it on: Steal Me
Song i like the least since putting it on: 3rd Planet

Now i'm gonna go put some x-mas song on now

Here was my GUI for November. Posted by Hello


Well I'm back, but i am doing other things at the moment (eating and watching Broncos football) so i will post about this weekend laterz.

Hope yall had a good time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Were heading home (Garden) for the break, so i wont update this for a bit, (Sunday or so). Anyways, I hope Everyone has a good thanks giving.
275.8470 (my mom) , 275.4531(nicoles mom) if you need us.


Amber had to go to the hospital today to get her appendix removed. Everything seems fine, and hopefully she will be out of the hospital by tomorrow. We stopped by after hockey practice she seemed a little sore but overall good, so that is good. And i got to meet her mother.

OK, now i am gonna try to find out how the football game went tonight.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Pacers vs Pistons NBA Brawl

Here is the whole video...

NBA basketball is a game of children acting bad/stupid and they get paid proportional to how childish they act.

San Francisco shoppers may have to pay for grocery sacks

sacbee.com (article)

This is the best idea since the Atkins Diet.

17 cents a bag. This is to curb plastic bag use, but they will charge the tax on paper as well "to help reduce overall waste".

A tax on Californians is soon going to be imposed, also to help reduce waste.

S. California Gets Up to 3 Feet of Snow

LancasterOnline.com (article)

Dang you global warming!

Garden City, Kansas Detailed Profile

city-data.com (site)

wow, you need to know about a city? this is the place, above is a link to GC. here is a link to Manhattan. Very cool.


Garden City (Pic)

Very cool picture of Garden. I would pay some money for this picture.

Two Thoughts

One of my fav things to do is watch the Screen Savers and sit at my computer and go to the links that they give. (update on them: the show may go on ^_^)

Also boxing is a sport that i should like less than i do... I dont watch it, but its not that bad... better than Basketball.

Dick Family Crest, Coat of Arms

House of Names (site)

Fun site to play around with. I have doubts about how accurate the coat of arms is... (does anybody know your coat of arms for your family, and does this give the correct one for you?)

Also it gives more reals to think some of me is from Ireland/Scottland (which i am sure one of my grandparents is part....). Also, it has an alternative Dick spelling as Dyck, fun.

Stem Cells Feed Brain Tumors

Wired News

Interesting. Not only could this help with tumors, but i would think be of some help for people that are working with stem cells. As a possible supply of stem cells... (find out how the tumor does it then copy the chemicals needed.)

Hockey and whatever.

I'm kinda tired, which is weird cause i got 8 or so hours of sleep last night. and im typing slow... and its cold outside.

This weekend went fine, we played fine our first game and got mercied, we played Illinois later on Saturday and lost to them, but we played very well and we didn't get mercied. For the rest of the day on Saturday we went to StL Mills, which i think we all agree is the best Mills mall we have been to. (Better than Colorado and Grapevine). They had an ice rink, a Nascar mega-fun place, and many many cool stores. We stayed there until close (9.30) then we went to Longhorns, which just opened. The food there was good, but i would prob go somewhere else for the price. Then we just went back to the motel and went to sleep. Sunday we had a mid-morning game against CMSU which we tied, but were very close to winning. We played well in that game, aaron and nicole might get assists recorded and even jenette had a shot on goal. We are getting much better every game we play, and hopefully we wont lose too much skill over the break.

Let's see what else...
Oh, i finally got homework in linear models, but he never said when it was due, so we didnt ask, and we'll assume its not the monday after break >:)... ok i think i am done...
Oh yeah, Pam from stat (not the secretary, but the student) says that the video for gameboy advance is pretty good quality, I had wondered if it was worth getting the videos for the GBA. Pam says that her 3yr old daughter watches them all the time and she hasn't broke them yet. Ok, I'm done.....now.

*Note: Spell check knows that Nascar should be NASCAR. But does not know Nasa is a word.*

Friday, November 19, 2004


Sorry about the relative lack of new posts (about one a day... which i guess is alot for most of ya ^_^) Anyways...

Today was fine, had to get some work done, which i did. I did alot of my work at Union Station, ever since they redid the place it has been a fun place to go and do some work at. I got some Christmas Blend Coffee at the Starbucks there... It was ok, and very strong... not very Christmas-y. Hopefully it didnt mess up my taste buds for the finer tastes in life (ie tea). A reason i dont like coffee is the same reason that i dont like fake food (like frozen dinners and fast food). The flavor is strong and shallow. Good coffee has a rich flavor so i dont mind it, but i really dont like food/drinks with a strong initial flavor and no depth... That is one reason i like tea so much, it only has a light flavor but it is a very rich flavor. (Also why i like sushi and Jimmy John's) Anyways...
Classes were boring again, but they are kinda winding down, which is good. Dodged the linear models homework bullet again (hopefully no HW will be assigned Monday so ill get thanksgiving off). So that was today...
Now i am waiting for nicole to get home so we can finish packing and head on up to Newgen's for the night (yay) and then to StL tomorrow for some good ol' hockey times. Jenette and Aaron are going to be coming as well (and Chris), so it should be a fun time.
Shawn is gonna be in Lawrence tonight so if we eat dinner late enough (9ish) i'm suppost to give him a call and see if he and his homies want to dine with us (Free State you say?). Well well well, thats all i got, I'll be back later sunday.
Have fun...

Thursday, November 18, 2004

ABJ / Jupiter Sunrise

Last night i did actually make it to the show at PJ's. The Upside, Primetime Heros, Juptier Sunrise and Anything but Joey played.

The Upside was pretty good, and were punky. Primetime heroes was ok. Jupiter Sunrise was good and they put on a good show. ABJ had the best music (or had the best sounding static...) but didnt put on as good of a show as Jupiter Sunrise. But it was a fun time.

The two down sides:
1) My sleep schedule got all messed up, hopefully having my morning class tomorrow will set me right again.
2) My ears are still ringing... and its very annoying.

I need to eat something before dryland (if we have it).

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Elegant Universe

NOVA (video)

To follow up on what we were talking about last night at BW3 (Well me and Jenette were...) NOVA does post its shows on the net, hurray for Nova!
This is for the Sparticle show...


Day has been fine so far.
I got away from Linear Models without homework again (yay)
came home, play tested my game a bit, which works pretty good first time through. One of the key elements, out flanking, works real well. The units are hard to destroy head on, but if you can flank your opponent, the units will crumble. Also, there was a couple times when i had to think real hard about what to do. So, so far the game looks to be like one i might actually scribble some rules down for ^_^.
In messy we got our final project, which is not the final thing we need to do, and its no more a project than any other homework... but it has a fancy 'final project' title... we get to analyze 3 datasets about cheese, yippee!... what else.... ah thats about it.
As far as it looks all systems are a go for tonight at PJ's, im not looking forward to being there forever, but that is ok, I'll gets to see ABJ before they are DH. (DuH?)
float on.

Day Off.

Well today i didnt have to do anything. I didnt have classes, and homework is due far enough away that i didn't need to work on it. So what did i accomplish? nothing.
Nothing sounded like fun to do :(. That's the breaks, i know it was cause i didn't *have* to do anything, but it would have been nice to wake up and go "oh hey, i'm gonna do this".. ah well

I did start to make a new game. Its about samurai when they first get guns and is a regiment like game (Warmaster-ish). I got pretty far on it (all the game pieces are done...) now to just work out the rules :) .
BW3 went fine, i got first in the Mini-Six, and Aaron won the Showdown. We were asked (by staff) to come in on thrus. to push the smokers out of the smoking section... i have no idea what thats all about, but its code name is "Sitting Duck". If you have any more info I would really like to hear about it.

I think thats about it, I need to get to bed cause i got class in the morning :(. Ja.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Robots to rid us of cockroaches


Heres a good story idea. How about a couple years into the future warring countries will build robots to act the same way as these robots (i.e. the try to do things that get the others killed).

Other points of interest:
1) Cockroaches need friends?
2) Chickens are stupid
3) Sheep are as well
4) So is Anna Nicole

UCLA File Swappers in Quarantine

Wired News (Article)

This is a much better system than K-State's. Stopping all file sharing use is stupid, as i still want to use it for legit reasons. Like for anime fan subs, which since i can not get, i have no want to buy any new anime, cause i do not know what anime i like that is new...
And Half-Life 2 is being distributed over Torrent, but I can not get that either.
Punish the illegal use not the legal use.


Wired News: 'Music Is Not a Loaf of Bread' (article)

I hope more bands take this approach...

The difference is like any biz. You need to make raving fans of your customers. If your give them something for free they will like you for it and want to buy from you. This has worked for restaurants (free Jimmy John’s on campus), it will worked for Wilco.

p.s. Movie industry suits start today. They felt that RIAA was making so much love for themselves that they want to get in on that.
What would happen if the Movie Industry would say: "I know we live in a digital age. You are free to download any movie you want, either from us (which they would set at low quality) or from others. But when you find a movie you like, please buy it in DVD format so that you can truly enjoy the movie as it was meant to be seen."
Do you think this would hurt the movie industry? I doubt there would be many more new people d/l who dont already, but some people that do it may feel like they should buy the DVD when they like something. I would like to see them say that and see what happens.

Monday, November 15, 2004

IFILM: Anna Nicole

IFILM (video)

Anna Nicole is ether:
a) The smartest person ever.
b) Not.

you can decide ^_^.

Sleepy day

Havn't really done much, went to my classes, ate some frozen pizza lunch... walked alot.
It's a monday.

HR Patriot Act

HR Votes on Patriot Act

man this one was hard to find. The senate is much better at web-ifing their things.

Anyways, there were more Dems voting against the act here, but still it was voted for by both Reps and Dems, with a split for then Inds.

But I am not in favor of it. (so thats one vote against by Libertarians ^_^)

Patriot act

Julia brought up a good point. Why did the republicans, who are the 'protectors of freedom' bully the patriot act through congress. (The Patriot act does allow the gov to spy on possible terrorists).

So I wondered how closely did the patriot act pass, was it the slight majority that the reps had? I did not know, so to the Senate Website! This is what i found:

Senate Patriot Act votes

Yup that’s right it passed 98-1... not the Republican push that i had thought. The media has done good at portraying the Patriot Act as a Republican backed bill... but in reality it was also Dem backed. So both sides are to blame for its passage, not one or the other.

This is similar to the Dems bashing Bush saying that he shouldn't have invaded Iraq. Remember Kerry said he would have invaded Iraq as well... So it isn't an arguing point, everyone agreed. Only in hindsight can we say if it was good or not.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

She Said...

She Said... (site)

Here is Michelle's band webpage... looks good.

It says that they will be playing in Lawernce the 11th of Dec, my be worth a trip.

Things People Said: Warning Labels

Things People Said: Warning Labels

Funny stuff

Wal-Mart has staggering hoard of product data

HoustonChronicle.com - Wal-Mart has staggering hoard of product data (article)

One of the fastest growing area in statistics, is analyzing data such as the data that Walsmart has gathered.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

CFP: NATIONAL 2003: Generosity Index 2003: (2001 US State Data):

CFP: NATIONAL 2003: Generosity Index 2003: (2001 US State Data): (site)

About conservatives not giving (as some people say on the prev. website), The states that have less give more (and happen to be 'red' states).

while we are on that topic, red vs blue ( heh ), i am not for that term... if we keep doing that it would be setting us up for a civil war. Its the states that voted for Bush versus the states that voted for Kerry. We are all still americans, we dont need to polarize.

Democratic Underground Forums

Democratic Underground Forums - So sorry. I can't help you . It's all up to President Bush now. (message Board)

Dems: "we will help all.. oh we lost? Screw you guys."

I didn't really think this untill i started reading the stuff here. They really want Americans that voted for Bush to suffer/die/suffer more. Why are they all for helping until they lose the election?
I really really hope this is not the state of the normal democrat... cause that is half of the USA...

FARK.com: (1213940) What's your favorite quote, and where's it from?

FARK.com: (1213940) What's your favorite quote, and where's it from? (comments)

Heres some of the good ones:

"By the time you realize your parents were right, you have children who don't believe you"

"When you're going through Hell, keep going."
-- Winston Churchill

"Ignorance isn't intellect."

"Being better at things doesn't make you better than people."

"Any action can be justified when viewed from different perspectives. Only the true motivation is of any importance."

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'That's funny ...' - Isaac Asimov

"Knowledge speaks; wisdom listens." Jimi Hendrix

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security"
-Benjamin Franklin
(at the heart of conserviative ideas)

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once"
-David Hume

"Are people getting dumber or louder?"
-Mayor Quimby
(I have asked myself this alot lately)

"Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong."

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand!
--Homer Simpson

Technorati: Searching the World Live Web

Technorati: Searching the World Live Web

fun site that shows how webpages are linked to each other.

Meat Market

To go with the other sad news, the Meat Market closed.

stupid heads.

The Screen Savers

Alex Albrecht

Is dead.

one less channel to watch.


Healthy Forest Act

Some people have a problem with the Healthy Forest Act becuse it allows loggers to log in National forests. Heres what I say: (Topic brought up by
this blog )

This act was in response to the fact that national forests were being choked to death by dead matter. Normally, when there is no human intervention, fires clean out the forest of dead material. But since we put out fires (many times because people are at risk) the forest was killing itself with dead matter. This caused a double problem (as we saw a couple years ago in Colorado). When fires started to get going during the drought year, they could not be stopped because there was too much fuel. A couple of towns lost homes because of this.
The Healthy Forest Act allows loggers to remove very specific trees (not a clear cut as many people think) and they must cut some trees down and leave them there. It has really helped the forests in Colorado.
At first glace cutting down trees to help a forest seems backwards, but it actually makes sense

Friday, November 12, 2004

! Fishy ! - Flash Game

! Fishy ! - Flash Game (game)

a fun fishy game ^_^

OnTheIssues.org - Candidates on the Issues

OnTheIssues.org - Candidates on the Issues

Great site... half a month too late... oh well, must remeber for 2008, or 2006 even... what there are elections every year? pishposh. ^_^

Libertarian Party: Home Page

Libertarian Party: Home Page

We will see how four years of all republican ran government goes. These next four years will make or break both parties (Rep and Dems.) If all goes well the Reps will have a good foothold for years to come, and the Dems possibly will split (as there has been some talk before). If all goes bad Dems will get a boost, and an independent party will have a chance to rise... in any case, go Libertarian!... or Nader (who is getting crazier and crazier... it might not have been an act during the prez race... )

Necromunda Pic

Link (Pic)

Here is a fun cg pic of necromunda... fun fun.

Pirate's Plunder ahoy!

I got my online christmas list up. Now to direct parents there ^_^.


The test was fine, just about what you would expect. I think i got a good chunk of it right, and the rest i should be able to redo and get some credit for. My favorite moment of the test is when i invented the right answer for a question when i had less than one minute to finish.

So now i get to do what ever i want (which means nothing will sound fun...). But i still have class this after noon. Ah well...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Game Changed

I changed the game from triple tetris which nicole called "frustrating". To Twins which nicole called "game-y".


I added a game to my blog...
The game is triple tetris, its three games of tetris at once. Fun times.
The high score list *should* be of just people who play it from my site.
The game is located on the side bar over there -->

well see how it goes... tell me what you think...etc...

(what test tomorrow?... oh yeah ^_^ )


Thats what i *should* be doing, since my test is in the morning tomorrow... but when you have to do something like that to do *anything* is more entertaining. So here i am.

Today was nice. I got to sleep in (no more Thursday class), then i studied and cleaned from game night. Then went to Dry land, this time they had the stadium lights on, so we were able to play ultimate for awhile, until they shut off in the middle of the game. ^_^ ah well, it was fun. Then we hopped on over the Chipotle to grab some food before nicole had to goto class. and now i am here.

so good day so far.

random thought from school: We should replace 'l' (lower case L) with lambda because on computers '1' and 'l' look alot alike.

Other thought: Why do we treat a skinny person who thinks they are fat to actually see themselves as skinny, but we treat a male that he's a female to make him a female. Are both of those problems not made by problems with the brain?

Google Search: Shannon Dick

Google Search: Shannon Dick

I'm number 1! I'm number 1! ^_^

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Game nighted

Well Game Night just got over. And i dont want to clean so here i am. For dinner we had Cream Pumpkin Soup (much better than it sounds), and cheddar cheese fondue, which was ok. We also had molten chocolate cake, which i didn't eat (i dont like chocolate cake). The game we played was Like Minds. It is a game that is a cross between taboo and scategories, i liked it alot. Its a good game to play with couples (teams must be in pairs) that doesn't take long. Fun times. Wellp nicole needs ye old computa so i go.

Quick update of day so far

Today hasn't been too bad.

I went to class in the morning, then worked on the practice test. Had Quizno's deliver a large sandwich for 4.99... i mean order a sandwich to be delivered, wait 45min, then they call and say they dont deliver today (!?!), and then go and pick it up.... It was cold by then, and not toasty... :(, thems the breaks. Then i went to class and worked on the practice test a bit more then i came home.

Now i am waiting for nicole to get home so that we can go get the food for game night.


playstationemotions.com (site)


Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen (game)

like using your arrow keys? Then this game is for you!
(DDR for your fingers)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Quick recap of the day before i go to bed.

I got to sleep in late today since i had no classes today, so i ended up heading off to school around 3. So that was nice. i got my homework done, and half of the practice test. Then went to BW3, and i won the showdown (for once ^_^). Then i came home and me and nicole started our Xmas stuff (yay!).... Listened to the new Trans-Siberian CD (The Lost Christmas Eve). It is good, but not as good as the first two. If you don't have the first two, get them first, but if you already have em, its a good buy to get the new one.

Well I got some schooling to do in the morrow, so ill do some sleeping now.

Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marines

Space Marines Painter

This would be good to play with if you are gonna start a new space marines chapter, or if you are bored.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Topeka Tarantulas

Tarantulas Win First Home Game In Franchise History (article)

yay T'Rants... now lets work on winning two in a row. ^_^


The Ten Worst Media Distortions
of Campaign 2004

I its atleast nice to see *something* that has a right slant.

Liquid fun

Lets give thanks (article)

Did you think Pepsi's Holiday Spice was bad? Try these.


Well it's been a bit since the last update, and that is due to Hockey.

So lets talk about hockey... It went ok. I scored a goal, alex did and Sam did (yay!). So now i am tied with alex for lead in goals for the team (2, wa-hoo.) Oh, i also got voted to be an assistant captain, really i shouldn't be, Ty is much more knowledgeable about hockey than i am, but i wont argue. But if Scoot comes back and want to be the assistant, i will fight very hard for Ty to be the assistant instead of Scoot. Anyways.

Central is stupid, and are only ok, Truman is pretty cool and good, and Western Ill. is my least fav. team of all, and they pretty much suck. Needless to say we lost all of our games, but we played well. It will take a bit of time to get all the new guys up to turney skill level, but they are getting better fast. Good times anyways.

Nothing too special happened in St.L, so nothing really more to say about that. Last night nicoles mom came up and stayed at our house for the night. Her and Maria came up so they can get some scholarship stuff done, and also to look at the architecture and Arch Eng. depts. Hopefully Maria will go into Arch Eng.

Well i am very sweaty from hockey practice (that went well). So i am gonna go take a shower.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Engadget (Archos Gmini 400 review)

Gear Eye: The Archos Gmini 400 - Engadget - www.engadget.com

Looks like something that would be fun to have... too bad its $400.


Engadget - www.engadget.com (site)

Lots of things, fun things.


Scrabble is on ESPN right now.



in other tv news:
right now i am watching brain-rot usa (mtv).
there is a show called 'you've got a friend'. its where a guy acts like a friend to someone, and if they person can play along for two days (while the 'friend') destroys your life you got $15k.
All your relationships are screwed for $15,000. worth it? no. is this a good show have youngins watch? no. good tv? no. (although mtv wants you to say yes.).

changed my mind, watch it, see who advertizes during it, and do not buy from them. Heres my list:
Incredibles movie (too bad, i kinda wated to see that one.)
Juice box (mp3 player)
Now 17 (cd)
Saw (movie)
Ngage (darn ^_^)
M-Azing (candy bar)
Duracell (hum... thats too bad)
Taco Bell
Ace Combat (vid game)
Ray (movie)
Nintendo DS
Spongebob square pants movie
Best Buy (ouch)

So there you go none of those companies for the rest of the month.

Ladybug News

The problem with pests (article)

Here is why the ladybugs have been so 'bad' this year. I think it is kinda funny. next year lets go for swarms of fireflies, i like them.


link (site)

"49% of us still hate Bush"

good, 51% of us are getting tired of you. Go to Canada, or get over it.


i dont care anymore.

if i think you are wrong, so what, ill let you think that.
if you have a diffrent thought, i wont care, no need to find out why.
if you are running the wrong way, oh wll, at least im going the right.
life is easier when the whole world is falling and you worry about making your landing softly
and ignore those around you.

Some mistake my questions as arguments, as accusing of wrong doing
they are not, i try to understand those around me, see why they think the things they do.
people watch their stupid lifes go right by them as they do and think nothing,
that may be better cause at least then no one doesnt like them.

i have money. why should i share it with anyone?
me and nicole are working for it, no one else is.
i used to not care where the money went as long as my life was going fine.
but why?
others had money and spent it on them sleves, then complained when they had none left.
I didnt mind if they used mine, its just money after all.
but why?
why should i give to people that give nothing back. why?

i dont care anymore.
Ill just worry about myself.
if you are wrong, fine, think it, screw up the world.
Thats ok, because i will be able to die before it can get too bad.
my childeren on the other hand are gonna have to live in it...
but thats right, they arnt me, what do do i care about them.
i dont care

(pss ill be fine, it just so happened that i was here and that came out.)


What i was gonna say:

One person commented about how she was sad about ilovebees ending because the charchters seemed real to her, she got to know them, their past, thier hopes, etc...
So she was playing the game partially to learn about someone.... i bet if she would step outside her house there would be someone that was real that she could find the same things out about.

I dont know it just seems as we get more and more connected we grow further and further apart. Thats why i think things such as game night are so important. There is actually interaction there, not fake computer interaction.... yeah....

Final and such

Here we go, put on your mask, the world will be alright.

The final went ok. I think i got a 90% on it which puts me into limbo. If i get more than 90 ill get an a in th eclass, less than 90 ill get a b. It would be real nice to get an a in the class for gpa insurance, but we will see.

I was real pissy this morning, im not sure why, but i just think it has to do with having a whole weekend taken up, and having to worry about more than just me. oh well, so as my life.

I had something else to say, but i think my brain rejected it, so i guess i am done. Ill get ramen in 2minutes anyways. woop.

sean stewart - the beast

sean stewart - the beast (article)

Follow up on the guys who made ilovebees, this is about their first game The Beast.... so it looks like being a english major could be fun....

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Sci-fi fans called into an alternate reality | CNET News.com (article)

Todays addition to how complex and big the world really is... I have NEVER heard of this, but yet there are more than half a million people doing it.... crazy.


that is how my day has been so far..... (i'll wait until you gets it... got it? ok)

I woke up, got dressed, made some apple green tea and warmed up the apple crisp all so i could sit down and continue to study for my Sampling Final.... It is going to be a hard test cause there is alot of material and because i think that he doesn't write the best tests... oh well, in a couple of hours i will be done with that class, and i can pay attention to the two important classes: Messy and Linear Models.

Oh well, game night went good, as usual, and thee food was pretty good. I really like apple crisp, so the more of that i can get the better. ^_^

Must continue writing so i dont have to go back to studying....

Ah I know a topic, Fanatic is gonna get ate by GameWorkshop, so there are going to be an almost complete Online resource. They are talking about ending the Fanatic Mag :( and publishing it online... also they are gonna slow production of new models, which is not good news. Hopefully this isnt the beginning of the end for Fanatic... But i guess if so I can take a good look into RedStar games, done by Andy Chambers....

Oh fine i'll get back to work.......must....finish....class...

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Speech

Link (transcript)

Here is a link to Kerrys speech that he gave this afternoon, it's worth a look over. It has some good points.


I stuck around long enough to watch the Bush speech, It was equally as good as Kerrys.

I had to leave 17minutes later than normal though, but i walked fast and made it to class basically on time.

Now back to studying... :P


Just got done watching his speech. It was pretty good. Hopefully Dems. listened to this speech and follow what he said. He called for everyone to work together for common goals. And that even though we are from diffrent parties evryone is an American, and that is the best thing in the world.

+2 points for Kerry (total of 4 now...Bush is around fifty)

Hopefully Bush will deliver as good of a speech.... but i will miss it since i have class :(

Oh well, happy day.

KidsVotingUSA - Presidential Results Page

KidsVotingUSA - Presidential Results Page (site)

Here are the results for the Kids Vote. As you can see in the case of a tie between Bush and Kerry, this tie breaker would have gave Bush the election :) .

Also there is a like to an election night activity... i wish i would have seen this sooner, i would have filled it out :(.

Ok off to study.

Happy Pills

Well, today is going good...
I felt pretty crappy when i woke up this morning, but i took some DayQuil (huzzah!) and i feel great. There must be something werd in it because even linear models was fine... must be some happy juice in the meds... ^_^

Anyways, Kerry conceded the election, which (hopefully) means that we will not have complaints about the election for weeks... The election wasnt a landslide, but i think it was a big enough margin that we wont have all the crap of last time. So that is going good.

Upcomming for my week is just my Sampling final tomorrow, a messy homework for friday and hockey on the weekend... that means i willbe busy for the rest of the week, but not overly so.
Well I need to get on the whole studding thing for my final... i think that would be a good thing to do..

my advice: take DayQuil it has happy.

Yahoo! News - AP: Bush Wins Race As Kerry Concedes

Yahoo! News - AP: Bush Wins Race As Kerry Concedes (article)

Yay! Thank you Kerry for conceding and not dragging it out. +2 points for Kerry.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh, this helps me choose... ^_^ Posted by Hello

Since it is november it is time for a new desktop, windowblinds, icon set, and cursor set... the candy corn in the middle of the screen is the cursor... This obviously is my desktop from last month Posted by Hello


Well if my ballot was an indication of how the election is going to go, the Republicans are going to win by a landslide. Not only that Kerry didn't even get a vote.

But really we will soon see if we continue to the land of the free, or just another country. Cause if we lose our freedoms here we can't go to another country, we're all there is.

Also if we don't get attacked today by terrorists i think we can claim a win against them. I have read than 2/3 (or 5/6???) of the leading members of al Quida have been captured. I really do not think they are much of a threat anymore.

So in conclusion, go vote. and while you are at it finish my paper which is due by 11. Ok i'll let you choose one or the other to do.

Yay! BW3 day... not that i am good at trivia like some ambers i know... ^_^

Monday, November 01, 2004


Gatherer - The Official Magic: The Gathering Card Database

I need to get a project done by tomorrow, so what do i do? Anything but the project. For example here is the special edition of magic where they make fun of themselves. Check out the Infernal Spawn of Evil card... I wouldn't want to face him, with that scarf, and that coccoa.... ^_^

Ok ill check some news and then get to work (i hope).