Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chris' Surprise Party

When Nicole and I went to Walsmart today we didn't intend to get things for a surprise birthday party for Chris, but after a trip through the cheap isle we had more than enough awesome stuff to surprise him with.

First of we got him a flat sled, since we just had a major snow storm here (1 or so inches, we *were* suppose to get 20 inches):

That way we can go sledding tomorrow as long as the snow doesn't melt by the time Jenette gets off of work.

Next up:

That right, we got Chris some Darth Vader masks, not one or two, but six of 'em! Why six you ask? Well, I should be asking you; why not get him six Darth Vader masks? What is one good reason not too?

We also got Chris a smores making machine:

The smores maker pleased Vader-Jenette.

We also got Chris a game called Bumparena, which is a game like plinko and pinball combined, where players take turns placing bumpers so that the balls roll into their area and thus collect points. It is a pretty spiffy game, and if you put all the bumpers on at once and let multiple balls go it looks like this:

If you happen to see the game for sale for $10 or less it is worth picking up.

Finally we got Chris a Star Wars game called Attacktix. This game is really fun to play as well. Here is how to play: each side gets figures that move a certain distance and has some sort of attack, but what is real spiffy about it is that, to see if you kill a guy you actually shoot the guns, and if it knocks over the opposing figure, it is dead. And let me tell you, the guns shoot their darts pretty fast. I really can't see how this product has made it to the market; many kids are going to poke out their eyes playing this one. But, man is it really fun to play. Here is a pic of Jenette picking off one of my guys in her opening salvo of the game:

After playing the games a couple of times and after our fill of cake, coffee, and biscotti we decided to try out the sleds:

We actually used the Vader masks while sledding, but none of the videos turned out of it, so we will have to try again tomorrow.

It all just goes to show you what fun you can have with the things in the cheap isle Walsmart. Oh, and Chris was fairly surprised about the party, since well he was going to come of for dinner tonight anyways (we went to Walsmart in the first place to buy potatoes for dinner) and since his birthday isn't until next Sunday. And since we really didn't have a party, we just kinda gave him some presents. But we had fun anyways.

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