Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Poom (game)

The goal of Poom is to keep the ball bouncing for as long as possible while collecting coins and points. The ball will bounce differently depending on the tile that it lands on, and most of the time your only reference to were the ball will land is based on its shadow. When I started to play this game I thought that I would get annoyed with it quickly, since initially it was pretty difficult to keep the ball bouncing. But after playing this game a couple of times through I really started to enjoy it, and the simplicity and flow of the game won me over. Poom is a great game that is very well thought out and has a good balance of fun and difficulty, definitely worth checking out.

High score so far: 3100


worstweatherever said...

i got 67 hits, forgot to look at my score

Ookami Snow said...

67 would have beat 3100 no problem.

God job, I gave up noot too long after my score of 3100.

The Math Ninja said...

Well, I only got 36 hits and it was 3800.