Monday, March 27, 2006

St. Louis? More like St. I-am-always-there-ouis.

St. Louis stuff:
On Saturday we (Newgen, Andrea, Nicole and I) got to St. Louis early enough to go see the arch before it got too dark. You can't really tell by pictures but the Arch is really tall.

After going to see the Arch we headed over to the Savvis Center to see the Blues play the Avs. There were a fair amount of Avs fans there (I would say about 1/20 of the crowd) so when the Avs scored a goal there was alot of cheering going on. The game was close, and Joe Sakic scored the winning goal in over time. Hurray!

After the game we celebrated the win at Lone Star in the normal "eating way too much" fashion.

On Sunday we headed back to the arch so that we could take the tram up to the top.

Look at all the ants! I laugh at your feeble ant hill of a city! I shall crush it like a grape... city.

So that was the trip (sort of abridged, but you get the idea) to St. Louis. Now I guess it is time to get back to school work. Bleh.

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