Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SpokePOV: LED Bike Wheel Images

Riding a bike never seemed cool to me, but that changed tonight when I saw this:
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If I could have an LED Mario running and maybe a Goomba chasing him on the spokes of my bike I would be the coolest kid on the block, nay, in the city. And then all the townsfolk would be so impressed that they would give me jewels and gold, but I would turn the offers down, and say: "Your jewels are appreciated townsfolk, but they are not needed, for you see, I am already the coolest in the town, and thus I do not need to wear such flamboyant things such as those shiny stones."
And then I would ride off, and the townsfolk would still be so impressed with my bike that some of the peasants start to cry because of the awesome LED display. Mind you these aren't the womenfolk that start to cry, these are the manly men, that didn't even cry when their dog got ran over by a celery farmer's cart when they were only seven.
And then I would become a legend, and knowing Manhattan, they would name some highway after me.
Man, I bet the townsfolk wishes they were me.

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Moral Turpitude said...

I can understand why you would turn down the jewels and the gold but you should probably ask for a novelty check or something.

Also, you need help.