Friday, March 24, 2006

Milk and Honey

A couple of days ago I randomly stumbled upon a blog post about being Vegan. In the post the author was taking about how hard it was to be Vegan since they don't drink milk. Then he went on to ponder about if he could eat honey. He likened how bees grow honey to how we grow corn. I commented that honey is more like how cows grow milk, but you don't have to destroy a cow's home to get it's milk. Well this guy apparently didn't like that comment because he banned me for it.

If you want to get a link to the original blog post I can post it, but since I have been banned from it (which is my first banning on the internet, ever), I see no need to give a link over to it. Also, have you noticed that people like that seem to be the most insecure with their stances?

Anyways, my question for you is: If a Vegan chooses not to drink milk, should they also abstain from honey? Why or why not?


Beetle Bryan said...

Makes sense to me. The whole thing's a bit stupid anyway.

vergelimbo said...

That is blogfascism...Vegans tend to be neurotics by nature. Reminds me of several intolerant "buddhists" I know.

"Veganism is an eating disorder masquerading as an ethical position"-vergelimbo 2002

Braveharte said...

Most vegans are against the exploitation of animals and thus honey would be exploiting animals in much the same was as getting milk or eggs. Although the honey removal typically doesn't destroy the home of the bees... starves their children sure... but their home is usually okay.