Friday, March 24, 2006


Planarity (game)

Planarity is not really a new game, but since Nicole has been playing it some lately, and since I never posted about it, I'll give it a whirl now. The point of the game is to untangle the dots so that no lines connecting the dots cross each other. It is an easy concept, but it starts to get difficult soon after the first few levels. As always it is worth checking out.

Today I also finished my super game post from before, and now all the games have screen shots to go with them, so if you are bored over the next couple of days check them out. And the reason you may be bored soon is because Nicole and I will be out in St. Louis to watch an Avalanche game, with Newgen and Andrea, so updates will be sparse until I get back. So play some games while I'm gone and watch out for those flying dogs.

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worstweatherever said...

i love this thing! it took me like 25min to finish level 9 then i skipped ahead and saw that it has infinte levels. even loading 45 pretty much crashed my machine.