Thursday, March 02, 2006


Yesterday I got bored so I filled out a survey that some company had sent to us. This is how it works (I think); you fill out what you want and then they give it to you.

First off I really don't like headaches. Some people may, but I don't really, so I put it a request not to have them anymore.

And then I think we will be getting a puppy. Well, we won't be getting a puppy, because we can't have one here, but we are *so* not getting a kitten that, in comparison, it will seem like we will be getting a puppy. Complicated, I know, so instead of writing down the reasoning on the survey, I just marked that we will be getting a puppy.

I also can't wait to get my new Toyota Prius that I put in a good word for. Also, I think I requested a name change to Mr. F. Awesome, as that is the name that I wrote down. We will see what I get since the survey is already in the mailbox.
I really hope they approve my request for no headaches.

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